About Gustavo Villegas
(Mexico City, 1976. Lives and works in Querétaro, Mexico).

Education 2016 Art, Politics and Activism, NODE Center.
2014 Methods for Artistic Creation and Project Design, NODE Center.
2012 Dissemination and Promotion of Artworks within the International Art Scene (course) and Art Production (workshop), NODE Center. 2009 Painting Today and Marketing of Fine Arts, Torre 13, Mexico City. 2007 – 2005 Painting, Creativity and Production, Autonomous University of Querétaro. 1993-1997 Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Querétaro Campus.

Awards and honors 2018 AiR-Artist in Residence Program, Montreux, Switzerland. 2016 Selected work, 17th Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial, Mexico City. | First Prize, José and Tomás Chávez Morado West-Central Painting Award, Regional Fund for Culture and the Arts of the West-Central Area, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2014 Millay Colony for the Arts Residency Program, New York, USA. | People’s Choice Award, 11th Monterrey FEMSA Biennial, Monterrey, Mexico. | Honorable mention, Miradas 6th National Visual Arts Biennial, Tijuana Cultural Center, Tijuana, Mexico. 2013-2015 National System for Creators Grant, CONACULTA-FONCA, Mexico City. 2012-2013 Creators with Experience-PECDA Grant, Querétaro Institute for Culture and the Arts, Querétaro, Mexico. 2011 The WhyNot Place, Religare Arts Residency Program, New Delhi, India. 2010-2011 Young Creators Grant, FONCA, Mexico City. 2010 Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, California, USA. 2009-2010 Selected work, CUADRO Guide and Emerging Artists Salon, Mexico City. 2008 Selected work, Jumex Foundation Collection, Mexico City. | Contemporary Arts Clinic with Clayton Campbell, State of Mexico, Mexico. | Artists in Residency Program, FONCA-Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. 2007-2008 State Creators Grant, Querétaro Institute for Culture and the Arts, Querétaro, Mexico. 2007 Selected work, Emerging Contemporary Arts Fair (FACE), Mexico City. | Selected work for the 2007-2008 edition of the book-catalog mART Artistas Emergentes para Nuevos Coleccionistas (mART Emerging Artists for New Collectors), Murrieta Foundation and Cuarta Pared magazine, Mexico City. | Incentives for Creation Grant, Querétaro Institute for Culture and the Arts, Querétaro, Mexico. 2006 Acquisition Prize, Artemergente, Monterrey 2006 National Biennial, Monterrey, Mexico. | First Prize, Julio Castillo National Painting Biennial, Libertad Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico.

Solo exhibitions (selection) 2018 “Preuve d’impermanence”, Maison Visinand, Montreux, Switzerland. 2017 “Omega”, Heart Ego Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico. 2015 “Imaginophagy of Destruction, v2.0”, Center for the Arts, Fundidora Park, Monterrey, Mexico. 2014 “Imaginophagy of Destruction”, Libertad Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico. 2013 “Seduction of Destruction”, Ricardo Reyes Contemporary Art Gallery, Mexico City. 2012 “Decomposed Willpower”, on occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Rosario Sánchez de Lozada Municipal Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico. 2011 “Terrestris”, Galerie Espacio, Morges, Switzerland. 2010 “Non Ego”, Aldama Fine Arts Gallery, Mexico City. | “Qui est celui qui est”, Galerie Espacio, Morges, Switzerland. | “Who is He That He Is”, Querétaro Museum of Art, Querétaro, Mexico. 2009 “Random Pleasures”, Polyforum Siqueiros Museum, Mexico City. | “Random Pleasures”, Bernardo Quintana Arrioja Arts Center, Querétaro, Mexico. 2008 “Studies”, The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. | “Anywhere”, Galerie Espacio, Morges, Switzerland. 2007 “Att räkna med”, Alingsås konsthall, Sweden. | “Beyond the Signifier”, Libertad Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico. | “Urban”, Corazones Gallery, Guanajuato, Mexico. | “NYC”, Atrium Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2006 “To Be… or Not?”, Contemporary Art University Gallery, Querétaro, Mexico. | “Inclusions”, Querétaro Museum of Art, Querétaro, Mexico.

Publications 2017 About Loss. Gustavo Villegas. Published by Cultural Section, Querétaro Government, Mexico 2015 Mexico: The Future Is Unwritten. Contemporary Artists from Mexico, Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection, published by Fabrica, Italy. 2014 10 Artistas de Querétaro. Colección Particular. Notaría 30. Querétaro, Mexico. 2011 Here, Now, Then, There and Here Again, Religare Art, New Delhi, India. | Accrochages, Magazine d’Art No. 131, Switzerland. 2010 Accrochages, Magazine d’Art No. 116, Switzerland. 2008 Accrochages, Magazine d’Art No. 96, Switzerland. | Armas y Letras (magazine), No. 62-63, Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico. 2007 Cuarta Pared (magazine), Nos. 6 and 7, Editorial Cuarta Pared, Mexico. | Book-catalog mART Artistas Emergentes para Nuevos Coleccionistas (mART Emerging Artists for New Collectors), Editorial Cuarta Pared, Mexico City.

Collections Luciano Benetton Collection (Venice, Italy), Montreux Art Gallery Foundation (Montreux, Switzerland), Murrieta Foundation (Mexico City), Alingsås Bibliotek Library (Alingsås, Sweden), Polyforum Siqueiros Museum (Mexico City), Pinacoteca Gallery of the State Government of Nuevo León (Nuevo León, Mexico), Querétaro Museum of Art (Querétaro, Mexico), Libertad Gallery (Querétaro, Mexico), Autonomous University of Querétaro (Querétaro, Mexico), DRT Foundation (Querétaro, Mexico), Ramírez Collection (Morelia, Mexico), Lomelí Collection (Querétaro, Mexico), J.C. Drexel Collection (Monterrey, Mexico), JMSR Collection (Querétaro, Mexico), Slim Domit Collection, Soberón Kuri Collection, Ricardo Reyes Collection, Zaga Collection, Cuarta Pared Collection (all located in Mexico City).