Assembling a Destruction

Assembling a Destruction is an installation that arranges three elements harmoniously in space, linked by one same foundation: a car crash.

This installation presents the spectators firstly with Official Documents from the Queretaro Municipal Police Department describing a car accident in which a Volkswagen sedan was involved. Secondly, it shows a pictorial representation of journalistic photographs showing a car wreckage which corresponds to the aforementioned documents. Both, the documents and the image are displayed in the same frame format – letter size. Lastly, there is a tridimensional element made of wire. The real size structure depicts, in a sculpture-like fashion, the wrecked car’s deformation at the moment of the collision and freezes it so the spectator may observe and delight in the beauty of it. Simultaneously, the nature of its built allows the spectator to see through the whole structure so he can merge with his sight and body the triad’s visual, spatial, and conceptual dialogue.


Assembling a Destruction, 2014.
Wire, documents of the city’s police department and oil on paper.
300 x 300 x 300 cm.