Destruction on a Red Mini

Sculptural Masks Series: Fragility

A car is today a necessary artifact in modern urban societies. Its destruction resembles an incessant self-annihilating human kind metaphor. This considered, Destruction in Mini Red (Destrucción en Mini Rojo) part of the series called Sculptural Masks: Fragility. Procedural artwork makes up this series and it shows the development and outcome of a real car being camouflaged to emphasize its structure vulnerability.

The work Destruction in Mini Red shows the photographic registry of an automobile’s pictorial intervention which creates an illusion of collision. Ironically, this art piece requires meticulous work to achieve the visual replica of instant and random damage. ness.


Destruction on a Red Mini, 2014.
C-Print. Photo by Michelle Bres
80 x 120 cm, Ed. 5 + PA.