This installation represents a cartographic replica of a destroyed city fragment caused by extreme war conflicts during 2015. This city suffered from a 300,000 inhabitants’ diaspora and for about four months was the target of constant sky and ground attack. Being hit by hundreds of explosions the city ended up uninhabitable. I chose Kobani for this art piece to portray a lifeless city despite the fact that many others have perished and many more will also live that same fate of war among human groups which ironically claim for peace.

This piece of art is composed of 500 ten-centimeter (3.93 in), concrete cubes each of them deployed on the floor to portray the urban lines of such young, urban ruins. This creation is enhanced by a pictorial reproduction of Kobani’s current satellite image and plus two footage images showing the same zenith angle before and after its decay. The aim of this art piece is to physically incorporate the spectator in order to dialectically compare, in front of him, the chaotic outcome of human destruction versus the appealing possibility to observe it from the distance.


Kobani, 2017.
500 concrete blocks, oil on wood panel and web file printed on paper and fixed on wood panel.
300 x 300 x 300 cm.