Remote Controlled Destruction

Homo-Videns, (La sociedad Teledirigida (1997)) by political scientist Giovanni Sartori and L’écran global by philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky
(2007) have been taken as a reference to state that the Television, an invention to be watched, strengthened the possibility to validate the images coming from it in global societies.

On the other hand, it is evident that the image of destruction is a recurrent element on several screens. The film industry has been striving to make more realistic and outstanding visual scenes of destruction whereas the television industry has been interested in showing the conflict that leads to the wreckage of human built cities.

My artwork deals with the presentation and representation of such destruction vision in a general way. Hence, I present this pictorial series in a format that emphasizes the fascination for showing and observing destruction through both national and international telecasted war conflicts which might very well be thousands of miles away from us but at the same time just a few inches from our eyes and consequently, our astonishment.


Remote Controlled Destruction from 1 to 7, 2014.
7-Piece polyptychs. Oil on foamed PVC.
160 x 200 x 8 cm.


Remote Controlled Destruction 2, 2016.
Pictorial installation. Oil on kinescope screens and debris.
170 x 180 x 100 cm.